Foreign members are welcomed. Most members of our circle are Japanese, but we discuss many kinds of topics from politics to Japanese culture in English. We'd like to invite foreign members to exchange our pleasure and information. So, if you are interested in talking such matters, Please come to and enjoy at Tokyo Eigo Dojo.

Tokyo Eigo Dojo
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Activity and concept

How to participate

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The activity opens from 14:00`17:00 on Saturday at Waseda Housien.

People of all generations, occupations and nationalities can attend, propose any topic and express any idea as long as you do not disturb others.
Once you join us, you will find the road to a new society and maybe a new life in Japan.

Our activity is separated two sessions as follows.
You can attend both sessions or one of them, we don't care either way.

šTime Magazine session (14:00~15:00)

1. Reading session
@Cover story
@Q&A about Cover story
@Reading of Time Magazine articles

2. Presentation session
After selecting one of articles or columns relating to your area of interest in the Time Magazine, volunteer person give the presentation of it.
The time for presentation is within 4 minutes.
After the presentation, Q&A session is prepared around 2 minutes.
If you'd like to attend the Time Magazine session, please bring the Time Magazine (Asian Issue) published in the week.( You can get it from the Wednesday of week at bookstore)

šDiscussion Session (15:00`17:00)

Topics, controversial or popular issues are usually selected by majority rule, are discussed in this session. A chair person serializes the statements and comments from participants and adjusts time. The discussion is argued enthusiastically every the time.

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šAdditional Exchange(17:00`18:00)š
We have a chat with other members in Japanese at the coffee shop nearby, and sometimes with people from other countries in English.

––After this meeting, some of the members go drinking (Yakitori shop, Japanese-style bar or Izakaya) for information exchange with people who belong to different companies and have different experiences. This kind of communication may be interesting and useful for your future.

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