Foreign members are welcomed. Most members of our circle are Japanese, but we discuss many kinds of topics from politics to Japanese culture in English. We'd like to invite foreign members to exchange our pleasure and information. So, if you are interested in talking such matters, Please come to and enjoy at Tokyo Eigo Dojo.

Tokyo Eigo Dojo
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กWhat's Tokyo Eigo Dojo?

Tokyo Eigo Dojo is the circle for people who are interested in English communication and social problems.

In our circle, we discuss various social problems and exchange information, happening in Japan and overseas, in English.
The topics, we talk about with members, cover wide rang of fields such as politics, economics, technology, industry, culture and international issues.

We emphasize "freedom". Regardless of age, gender, nationality or occupation, everybody can attend the meeting.
( Except the person causing someone inconvenience )

You don't have an obligation to attend every time and there is no homework, you can attend whenever you have the time.

Many people join the discussion and actively exchange our views on each theme.
But, just listening other's opinion is also good learning for your future.

Tokyo Eigo Dojo is the place where each member try to improve by learning from others and grow up with each other. So, we don't appoint a particular lecturer for our study.

Japanese word, "Dojo," is a kind of incubator where we learn from others, grow up with each other and bring up human resources for global society.
"Eigo" means English in Japanese. So, we named "Tokyo Eigo Dojo" for our circle.

We hope newcomers continue to attend a meeting without haste, it may be the most successful way to learn

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