Tokyo Eigo Dojo opens every saturday afternoon except New year and special holidays(check notice page).
The advanced appointment is not required for attending.

Foreign members are welcomed. Most members of our circle are Japanese, but we discuss many kinds of topics from politics to Japanese culture in English. We'd like to invite foreign members to exchange our pleasure and information. So, if you are interested in talking such matters, Please come to and enjoy at Tokyo Eigo Dojo.

Tokyo Eigo Dojo
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Tokyo Eigo Dojo or Tokyo English training center is a voluntarily organized circle to discuss social issues, happening in Japan and the World, in English.
Established in 1980, the Dojo has been enjoyed and operated by volunteer members.
Many people, having different backgrounds and interests, attend the meeting every time.
Non-japanese residents and visitors are also welcomed.
How about talking about many topics with Japanese members in English?
It may be a good opportunity for you to get much information about Japan and Japanese people.
The Dojo is one of the best English speaking organizations in Tokyo. --- Please Join Us! ---
A 500 yen coin will take you to the new world!

šJoin Us!š
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Place : 2-3-1Nishiwaseda Shinjyuku-ku Waseda Hoshien Seminar House Building No.5
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Study Timetable (Every Saturday)
@14:00-15:00 TIME magazine cover story•other articles
@15:15-17:00 Ad-hoc discussion

Participation Fees 600 yen/every time
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